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Elizabeth Husserl, M.A. is a financial planner, author, and speaker.


Elizabeth is the founder and visionary behind Conversations with Money  (CW$). She has worked in the financial industry for over 10 years, first as a money therapist and now as a planner and wealth advisor. One of the things she has learned with clients in the last decade is that no matter how much or how little money you have, many of us still experience money stress almost on a daily basis.

We often don’t realize it – but you have a choice. Our relationship with money is in a state of constant evolution. Are you paying attention?

Elizabeth started CW$ because I knew there was a different way of relating with money once she began to connect with money, in the same way, that she would a business partner, a colleague, a friend, a child or loved one. Once she saw money as a companion that needed attention…everything changed.

She developed the CW$ Cleanse and tools for inquiry after noticing the effects of this work with her clients regardless of their lifestyle or vocation. It’s about changing the status quo and finding a different way to be in relationship with money.

Join her in her courses. Your life will be forever changed.



Start your year off right!

Join us for a 30-Day  Conversation with Money Cleanse to let go of your old money baggage

and welcome in new money habits

that will forever change your life.

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