We are growing a village

                        in your backyard


Health / Career / Family / Money / Communication / Relationships

These are the things that keep us up at night. They are also the keys to our deepest purpose. Divinations help us unlock these doors.


Are you participating fully in your life? The work with Zayin offers powerful tools for taking charge of your future.

want more color
in your life?


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Divinations - A Short Introduction
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RG, Brand Designer

Zayin is amazingly intuitive, and his shells are a powerful tool for getting more clarity on those things that trouble you.

SQ, Entrepeneur

I had been stuck... what direction to pursue with my business... after I left I sat in a cafe for 2 hours clarifying my new direction. The power of this tool is amazing!

KT, Therapist

I came to Zayin feeling scared and muddled about the things closest to my heart... and left feeling seen, uplifted, and clear


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